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Effective Leadership Skills Program

Effective leadership skills are a must-have for any executive in today's highly competitive business environment. As an experienced executive, you have undoubtedly shown leadership skills and strength to get where you are. Nonetheless, in a business world that changes faster than ever before, you should ask yourself - is this enough? How do you know how effective your leadership skills are - and more importantly, is it possible to get better Effective Leadership Skills
Never have business leaders at all levels been more challenged. After so much change and uncertainty, many employees have become disengaged. Global complexity and increased competition require frequent strategy updates. Leadership development is critical to equipping your leaders with the capability, tools, knowledge, and vision to create employee engagement, drive strategy, achieve results, and deliver value to customers and shareholders.



Duration: 2 OR 3 DAYS PROGRAM
Program Outline:

Importance of Emotional Quotient for Leaders

    • Build your Confidence
    • Realize your Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Understand Yourself Better
    • Develop a Clear Vision
    • Importance of Self Awareness and Self Analysis

Attitude Cultivation for Leaders

    • Importance of Positive Attitude
    • Importance of Happy Attitude
    • Importance of a Learning Vs Judgmental attitude
    • Importance of a WOW Attitude
    • Importance of a Grateful Attitude
    • Importance of a Giving Attitude


    • Importance of Motivation for Effective Leadership
    • Maintain Enthusiasm and Commitment towards your Goal
    • Inspire your Team to Perform Consistently

Communication Skills

    • Power of Non Verbal Communication
    • Importance of Body Language
    • Develop Listening Skills

Leadership Skills

    • Effective Leadership Skills
    • Power of Happy Leadership
    • Power of Perception Management
    • Improving Performance
    • Creating High Performance Workplaces
    • C+L formula for successful leadership

People Skills & Team Work

    • Effective Interpersonal Skills
    • The Power of Strokes
    • Importance of Team Work
    • Team Building and Motivation Technique
    • Communication in Building an Effective Team
    • Managing Conflicts and Solving People’s Problems
    • Understanding the Importance of Trust and Co-operation

Effective Time Management

    • Importance of Effective Time Management
    • Art of Prioritizing Tasks

Assertive Communication

    • Importance of Assertive Communication
    • Dos and Don’ts of Assertive Communication
    • Presentation Skills

The Art of Effective Self Presentation

    • Enhance your Personal Image and Project Competence
    • Importance of Personal Grooming


    • A combination of Lectures, Exercises,Videos, Self Assessments Test, Role plays, Experience Sharing, and Q & A.

*Please note that this program can be further custom designed as per the needs of the organization.*
Training Methodology: Lectures, Role-plays, Self Assessment Tests, Video Playback and Feedback
Recommended Number of Participants: Ideal– 20
At The End of The Program: All the participants will receive Ecole Solitaire 'Effective Leadership Skills Training Program 'Certificate of Participation.
Program Director:
Minocher Patel
Founder Director, Ecole Solitaire.

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