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Corporate Testimonials

"Minocher Patel is immensely popular because he has the ability to relate to the audience. The older generation had Dr. Chopra and Shiv Khera, the younger generation have him. " - Mrs. Lila Poonawala, Chairperson, De Laval

“The participants were unanimous in their view that the programme would help them in enhancing their on-the-job performance, realizing the width and depth of your mastery on the subject as also related subjects, the participants were simply amazed at your ability to come down to their level which ultimately contributed a great deal to the success of the program.” - Mr. Melwyn Rego, Managing Director & C.E.O, IDBI Home Finance Limited

"The feedback for the training program was tremendous. We are amazed that a programme can do so much. It's been a fantastic course." - Anu Ganapathy, Senior Manager, Learning and Development, KPMG, Bangalore

“Recently I happened to attend two training programs. The first one was the ‘destination success’, leadership program, conducted by you in hotel Le Meridien, Pune and other one was at the leading management institute in the country (IIM – A). I must tell you that your program, as far as my personal opinion is concerned, proved to me better than the latter. Your leadership program , apart from all the superlatives it could attract, acts as a light house to your participants.” - Mr. Pradeep Wdhavane, Senior Manager, HRD, Sandvik Asia Ltd..

“Very well presented with a lot of practical examples. Learnt that knowing is not enough, it is the implementation that matters..” - Ajay Chowdhary, Sr. Vice President, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.

"I liked the way you presented and conducted the program especially your oratory skills and the way you tactfully handle the audience." - Samuel Kaurnakaran, Selectica India

"Through this training I came to know how to build confidence and now I can sell myself to the world." - K Venkat, Tata Johnson

"Enjoyed and learned a lot. Thanks for making me learn at this advanced age also. I wish I could have met you ten years earlier." - Champa. G, Ceylon Tea Board, Colombo

"Personally this Training Program was the perfect motivation. The push I always needed in finding my unknown potential. This program revealed a new ‘MYSELF’. This training program will help to a great extent in my present job. The overall program was an excellent learning experience." - Participant, Nihilent

“You have influenced my life in a great way. You have changed my way of thinking. You are my role model.” - Rishi Kaiwart, Management Student, Indira Group of Institutest

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins. Not through strength but through perseverance. The session we had with Mr. Minocher Patel at our institute made me realize all this. He left us with a strange smile. A smile that comes to me whenever I think of it.” - Sharad Aggarwal, 24 Years, NITIE

"You are the first person who really changed my attitude, my way of thinking and my view towards life. The workshop was very effective."

"The main beauty of this program was the Right Trainer. I Enjoyed it very much despite other pressures. This is one of The Best programs I have ever attended. I never felt so motivated before. I got some very useful practical tips during This Training program"

"I feel very lucky to have been introduced to the finer aspects of personal conduct and communication skills by Ecole Solitaire & Mr. Minocher Patel. In a very lucid and illustrative style, you very effectively told us about the Do’s and Don’ts of professional and personal conduct. Your tips about presentation skills were very helpful"

"The flow of the session was wonderful. We got to know many things about communication skills, personality development, how to behave in an organization, and most importantly how to present yourself. " - Participants, Kanbay Software (India) Pvt. Ltd.

"The contents of the Presentation Skills program were very important for a professional. The program will help me to say, what I want to say, more effectively. The Best part of this Training program was video recording. I learnt how important are gestures, facial expressions, voice modulation and eye contact for a good presentation" - Participant, Cognizant Technology Solutions

"I gained an overall awareness of the result of either making or receiving a call. This program made us realize that it doesn’t take much to be a little polite and patient to people who call in. It gave us the insight about the importance of ourselves and the importance of building a Right Image of the company while dealing with clients."

"I would like to personally thank you for this Telephone Etiquette Program because I feel that this training will take me a long way even if I shifted from the front office to any other department in the concern. What I liked the most was the way you covered all the topics in a span of few hours. This program not only showed us how to make or receive a call but also how our attitude should be at a given point of time. It was as good as attending finishing school and brushing up our existing skills and manners" - Participants, KPMG, Bangalore

"The Training Program on Self Development and Public Speaking was quite impressive and very effective. It should be attended by every policeman, irrespective of his designation, so that the results will reflect in police working."

" Personality Development and Public Speaking Training Program was an educative one. It gave me a new way to look at myself. Mr.Patel made this subject very simple to understand for all of us. It will definitely help me in discharging my duties and also will help me to develop myself and my family overall." "After attending the program I realized how much I was ignoring 'myself'. The guidance, which I have received today is of utmost importance for my day-to-day work. I am determined to find out the weaknesses and strengths hidden in my inner soul to motivate and reach the zenith of my life. - Participants, Maharashtra Police Training Academy

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